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Monday, September 30, 2013

Month of Fear: Week 1

It's been a while since I posted anything to my blog, and a lot of things are changing for me. 

I recently attended Cincinnati Comic Con, which was kickstarted by Tony Moore. I had a great time in Artists' Alley with the rest of the crew from Surreality, plus Andrew Day, R.C. Young, and our beloved Amanda Bolin. It was my first time setting up behind a table and selling my art, and I plan on attending more conventions in the future as an exhibitor. 

I have also opened up shop on Etsy, selling pin up prints and offering commissions as well. Check that out here

But now onto the reason for this post. There is an online challenge going on over here that I have decided to participate in this month. I first saw this blog when they were doing a Month of Love earlier in February, and decided for me it was a bit too late to join in on that. 

Week 1's challenge is 'What Lives Under Your Bed?' 

This is something that I was afraid to consider as a child, and something that, from time to time, also haunts my thoughts now as an adult. I am afraid of many things, namely spiders. And so I thought that would serve as inspiration enough for this week's challenge piece. 

And so here you have it, a young girl creeping to the end of the bed to investigate that weird bump in the night that your parents try to tell you is just normal house noises. Or perhaps investigating that there are no Ghoulies hiding under you bed, because you stayed up late on Saturday night watching Svengoolie on the boob tube. 

11 x 14 watercolor doodle
Looking forward to the next challenge idea.