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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Extraction Challenge: WIP II

So, I can't believe I've been working on this for a little over six hours now and am this far in already. Time has really flown, but I think I am gonna call it quits for now, and for the sake of my hand. Time to sit back, relax, and have a beer.  So ttfn!

The original sketch and a cleaned up tonal application to the sketch, leaving the airships blank (so I don't over render just them,,,,I am getting wise to my own vices). To do this I have 3 separate layers on multiply using the same near sepia color at different levels of opacity. I also used a hard round #5 eraser at about 12% opacity to erase out some of my light values.

Here I am pushing the tonal ranges a bit more, and finally adding in some life to the airships. Still using the same base color over multiple layers set to multiply, and varying the % or opacity per level as well as 'brushing out' tones with the eraser set to 12% opacity. 

Finally I am sampling some colors here and using a mix of overlay and normal layers to 'wash' in my colors. I am sure there are better ways to color an image, but so far this is what's working for me, so I can't complain. I do plan to lower the saturation of some areas in the future. 

Above is the photo I am using to base my pallet on. Normally I love to use this color pallet, so seeing it in nature is awesome.

Extraction Challenge: WIP I

Hey guys, it's been a bit since I posted anything on here. Relocating to Ohio and getting ready for Gen Con Indy 2011 as well.

Since the last post I started on some black and white inks that I'll post once I scan them in. But right now I am working on a concept for a book cover as part of the Art Order Extraction Challenge. This is a real quick sketch I did and then laid some messy tone over. It still needs quite a bit of work to tighten things up a bit, and I am really hopping I will be able to finish this one on time for the challenge, which is due in by August 28th.

I'm really excited to be doing a steampunk themed challenge. I had also decided not to get carried away by adding in any people, since I know that I will probably focus in on rendering them. I wanted to stick to more of a scene with this one, and if I do add in figures I am thinking they will be suggested silhouettes. 

I've pulled some reference together for the air ships that vary from old black and white dirigibles to man of war jellies, and have also taken a long look at  works other artists have done in regards to scenery to try to better understand composition, lighting, and atmosphere. This is gonna be a tough piece to render, but I'm sticking to it. 

On one last note: After reading Justin's post on Muddy Colors the other day, I've been inspired to try out his process of working the same way I would traditionally with watercolors, and slowly building up layers, in photoshop. It's still something I am very much in need of practice with. So stayed tuned for more process of this piece and wish me lots of luck cause I'm gonna need it!