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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Eowyn & The Nazgul: Art Order Challenge WIP

It's time for yet another Art Order Challenge, this one for Eowyn & The Nazgul out of the classic Tolkien novels. I've spent a few days sketching and looking at various references as well as illustrations from The Brothers Hildebrant to John Howe. I've filled up nearly a quarter of a sketchbook playing around with composition (this one has been hard to tackle), as well as armor and monster concepts. 

The above sketches are two that I find myself playing around with the most. I don't often do 'tight' vertical compositions like this but there is something alluring about them. While these are really rough, whichever one I choose to commit too will be fleshed out a lot more. The problem is choosing which one to go with. 

I like the first sketch a bit more, with the action of the illustration. I know that in the books Eowyn didn't use a spear, but I couldn't help myself from depicting her with one anyways. I figured that if the Rohirim where supposed to be the vikings of the plains that it would make sense to use spears (not to mention they were mounted and in the movies some did use spears). 

The second is more 'pin-up' in my opinion, focusing on the revelation that Eowyn is 'no man'. 

I am hoping to get some opinions on which of the two I ought to render out to finish. Like I said, once I choose one to do I'll flesh it out a lot more, and I plan to work on this traditionally with watercolor and inks on paper. 

If you have an opinion on which I ought to render please leave a comment, or if you have any crits, as it would be quite helpful. You can also check out more on the challenge here.

Quick Update:

I've asked around about which composition to go with and more people like the second sketch, so here's a quick doodle of it more fleshed out. There are still a few things I want to work out, mainly the actual fell beast, and the POV of Eowyn. 

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