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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Influence Map

This is my influence map. A friend of mine suggested I make one when I have some down time. It was fun, and neat to see where my interests still lie and what is new after the last few years. And no, this isn't all of my influences but it's pretty close. 

1) Jamie Hewlett
2) Norman Rockwell
3) Adam Hughes
4) Toulouse Lautrec
5) RK Post
6) Alfonso Azpiri
7) The Rockin' Jellybean
8) Echo Chenrick
9) Raven Mimura
10) Arthur Suydam
11) Iain McCaig
12) Dean Yeagle
13) Massimiliano Frazzeto
14) John Howe
15) Tommy Lee Edwards
16) Luis Royo
17) Joshua Middleton
18) Jon Foster
19) Barbucci & Canepa

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