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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

O Snipe!

2010 TaTa Gala Entry

Yay! I just finished Jynx for her entry! It's been a blast to do this piece though I am sure that in a few months I will hate it. It's different to work on the computer as I mentioned a few times. But, I think I did a pretty descent job. send her off! Wish us luck!



raven mimura said...

"though I am sure that in a few months I will hate it"

don't fret that part-- that's just a sign of you progressing as an artist.

though, if you find yourself hating something after a week, you might reconsider some aspects of your process, and see where some added reflection might do you some good. if you look back after a few months and see things you would do differently, that's a sign that you are growing as an artist (either that you've learned things in the interim, or at least that you are able to learn from yourself by looking at recent work with a fresh/detached eye. both of which are important and useful). if you look back after a couple days and don't like what you see, it's probably a sign that you need to build in more cultivation time/steps in your process, one way or another.

'Kat'herine Guevara said...

Thanks Raven, a critique from you is a real honor.

I know that working in digital media is not a strength of mine, so working with a subject I love was very helpful. I know I still have a long way to go in my career, and this piece is just another step in the process.

Thanks again for the comment, it means a lot coming from someone as accomplished as you. Look forward to sharing some of my male studies soon.