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Monday, October 7, 2013

Month of Fear:Week 2

Watercolors on Bristol

This week's challenge is 'What is your reoccurring nightmare?'

I would have to say that mine is probably the nightmare of loosing someone I care about. Sometimes I have dream snatches of the possibility of loosing someone close to me, be it my mother from a heart attack, or my husband from any number of things from a car accident, to being deployed somewhere and not coming back home. 

Of course none of us can escape from Death when he finally comes for us. But the idea of him coming is no less unsettling. 

Trying to end this post on a more positive note: according to my dream dictionary to dream of someone dying actually isn't that bad of an omen. It means some sort of a rebirth, or some sort of a good omen for things to come. 

Until next week.....

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