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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gen Con 2010 Wrap Up

Another year has come and gone as far as the big convention goes, Gen Con Indy for those of us out in the midwest. It was fun to hang out with friends and spend a little time gaming and hanging out in general. I didn't get in a lot of gaming this year, and it was my first time running slots as a GM at this convention. I was pretty nervous since we get such a large crowd but a little nip before the slot began and good players made it a great experience.

Day 1 Fist GM Slot
I ran my first slot on Thursday night. We got in on Wednesday night and checked in at the hotel. It was nice our games were in our hotel so we didn't have far to walk or too early to get up. It was a blast to run the games I did for the players at my tables, I just hope they didn't mind a new GM to the campaign. 

Day 3 GM slot
It got easier to GM as the days went on, I have to say that smaller tables were easier to handle than the full ones. 

Sparks Interactive Mission Report
Every major con we do something called an interactive, where we get a bunch of smaller missions together to add up the success of one larger goal overall. Our tables were all at Sullust (this is a Star Wars Campaign) this year trying to recruit them to joining the Rebellion. The mission was a success and we all had fun. Here I am up on a fellow player's shoulders giving out a synopsis of the events that went down at our table. It was fun. No blowing stuff up for Jynx (sniffle) but it was fun nevertheless. We had a great GM, great players, and a little bit of moonshine thrown into the mix. 

Jerry Grayson is Awesome!
David Moore of The Game Master Show introduced me to Game Developer Jerry Grayson. I was a bit surprised walking up into the hotel room after my first GM even tot find a bunch of people in the room. But they were all really cool. Jerry's current project is Hellas, a Greeks in Space game campaign that is pretty epic, just like Jerry. 

Raven Mimura one of my Fav artists
Friday was the only day I was able to get into the Great Hall at the convention center, and I had my portfolio review by Wizards of The Coast art director Jon Schinddehette that morning. He was very honest about my portfolio and gave some great advice as to where I ought to place my considerations for the future. 

I also walked the alley for a bit to speak with other artists and get other critiques on my work. Raven Mimura has been a favorite of mine for a while and I got to meet him for the first time face to face last year at the convention. He remembered me this time around and took some time out to go over my work and offer up advice. 

Here's one of Raven's pieces that I adore. I find it funny that he admits to struggling with the female form since I have the opposite problem. Raven's always a favorite to talk to and is pretty open. 

Aaron Miller's table

And I had the pleasure of meeting up with a school alum at the convention, Aaron Miller. He hangs out at the Pallet and Chisel in Chicago, and I plan to find some way to hang out up there with him some time after graduation. Aaron was pretty cool, and like most of the artist I met at the convention he was pretty open to talk. Most seem to know one another really well, and I hope to have my own table next year. 

Welp, six days left till school is all over and I got some things that need doing before then. All in all the con was a lot of fun if a lot more laid back than it's been, likely due to the economy and all. But things seem to be picking back up again. 

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