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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Surprised! My family threw me a surprise graduation party this weekend. It was very unexpected to say the least, and I had no idea whatsoever about it (though no one seems to believe me on that). 

I got to see my best friend in the whole wide world, Laddaphone! It's been a while since we hung out, since being in school in the city and working always got in the way. That was one of the best surprised of the day!

The cake was delicious, half vanilla and half chocolate. I wound up cutting and serving it somehow (sniffle, and I didn't even get a piece of the chocolate side!). My niece found an early picture I was working on for promotional material at the end of the semester and had my sister put it on the cake as an edible print out. I didn't know they could do things like that....makes me consider edible print out of artwork to sell at conventions. How awesome would that be!?!

Look! It's Jynxie/me on the cake! I was delicious...I art was delicious! 

So, I am the first in the family to graduate from college with a degree. There were a ton of people that came in to town for my party, which was very awesome. Some aunts and cousins flew in from Texas, my oldest sister from Vegas. I actually thought the get together was for my oldest sister Valarie, but I was wrong.

My entire family (well, my sisters and parents). From left to right my sister Val (oldest), Joann (one of the twins), my daddy, me, my mom, Joanna (the other twin), and Tina (second oldest). Art runs in our veins on my dad's side of the tree, we are all very artistic, I'm just the only one that pursued it. 

Thanks for the party, spending some time with me, cooking (mmm...some great menudo, carnitas, chiles, and a bunch of other stuff), and just messing around. 

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