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Monday, October 18, 2010

Four Horsemen: WIP

For CGHub's challenge, the Four Horsemen. My rendition is of them as almost historical figures. Conquest is a Legionaire, War is a Red Coat, Death is a Nazi Solider, Famine is a Spanish Conquistador.

I blocked some type in of phrases I want to at least in part add into the image...kinda like when I added type into that watercolor mixed media portrait I did a few months ago. Things are pretty loose right now, there are still some things to add in before I start to render.

Started to add some color to get a feel for this. Actually, I rather like the way the horses mimic watercolor. Hopefully the rest of the piece stays as coherent.

Still working on it....actually, this is the first time I've gotten as many compliments on CGhub for one of my entries. Now I really HAVE to finish it.

Quick update. Dropped this image into grey tone to get a better sense of where this headed. I've been doing this a lot to see where I am lacking in tone since color saturation can look like there is tone when in reality it doesn't exist. 

Anyways, the tab;et's been acting kinda weird despite reinstalling the drivers and resetting my pref's. No idea what's up with it. This is Due on Halloween and I still have a ways to go.

Right, so...the tablet seems to be working once more finally. And been talking about this piece with some friends. Lucas suggested, among a few others, to just drop it into grey tone and finish the render, then add a photo filter and some color to it. So with only a few days left that is the plan. Fingers crossed!

Still going.....

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