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Thursday, October 21, 2010


So, my hand has been hurting since I have overindulged in working on my wacom tablet so I decided to take a break from working....but....that didn't seem to last very long. I picked up my moleskin and started to doodle away, realizing that for once in my life I have completed an entire sketchbook and left no pages blank!

"I'll be damned if I don't come off so sweet I make sugar taste like salt" -Sistine

Some of the 'other' things I have been up to include coming up with a character for a Shadowrun game my friend is starting up next month. I wrote up a description and sent it to him and I think that since that was kinda fresh on my mind I wound up doing a sketch of a lady that kinda looks like my character to be. It's gonna be different to play the 'face' of the group for a change instead of the loose cannon. 

This one kinda happened cause I was thinking about winter coming along here in Chicago. The weather had been really nice lately, hopefully it lasts a while longer. And since I haven't been doing a lot of painting I busted out the ol' pallet and brush and threw some color on just for some fun. It felt GREAT!

I mentioned earlier that I had proposed doing a study from an old master. Toulouse Lautrec is perhaps my favorite 'old school' artists so I chose one of his pieces to try out in watercolor. This is gonna be hard with mimicking all those brush strokes, but there is a challenge in that. I chose this partly because of the colors too, it has a pallet that I tend to enjoy employing often. 

And while looking for an image to use I stumbled upon this lovely portrait of his model Suzanne. I really love the way that it looks and thought it would be kinda fun to work with the same model as Lautrec but in my own manner of painting. 

Using good ol' BIC pen I did some sketching in my moleskin and laid out the images that I plan to go in and paint. The above one I plan to try to copy as close to Lautrec's work as I can while the one below I plan to just paint the way I normally do. Who knows, perhaps I will see a bit of a change due to working on the one above influence the one below.

But to be honest, I have no real idea when I will actually set paint to paper. I left the ArtOrder challenge I started open since people have more important things to do like paid projects, and I have piled up a ton of busy work for myself. I still need to finish up the sketch with Raven Mimura,  the four horsemen, and the D&D screen for example. But, having this ready to paint and just kinda out there waiting has me geared up and ready to finish everything else so I can start to paint these ones in! Nothing like a little motivation =}

Oh, I also made some sugar skulls but....well they got flat super quick. My stormtrooper skull didn't come out according to plan ={. My favorite are the pin up heads. These were an early Dia de Los Muetros thing....super sugary sweet. They gave me a  belly ache!

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