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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sketching with Raven....And some Frustrations

So, I haven't tinkered around much on any of my projects lately. My hand has been hurting a lot, I am guessing it has something to do with my recent use of the wacom tablet a lot more than I am used to.

Regardless, Raven Mimura has been working on helping me to figure out men in my artwork, starting with what will be a series of exercises. This one is the first. I started to add some color to the rough sketch, keeping in ming what he had said about making sure I don't soften up the edges but....

While this doesn't look like one of my ladies, I don't think I am doing a god job on this exercise at all. Some people pointed out that some things are wrong with the drawing, like the perspective of the horns. And also that I lack any lighting.

I would think that spending 5 years in college I would know  better by now but I guess I don't.

A fellow artist over on ArtOrder took a look at where I am at right now and did a paint over of the image to show me what I am lacking right now.
Paint Over done by Lake Hurwitz

I can clearly see what he means by his representation of what it is I am lacking. I also see how someone else approaches a piece...which kinda leads me to question what it is I am doing.

Aside from that a couple of other things have kind of bummed me out lately. It's a bit hard to get into any of the projects that I have started to work on at all, since I can see in my own work how some of the frustrations are showing up. Right now in my sketch I keep thinking that adding color tones in doesn't really do much to help out or mask things, I am aware I need to go in and fix things.

I have a bad tendency to over scrutinize when I start to step out of the pencil stage. Thinking back on my watercolor advanced course, maybe I just need to treat this as a gesture and not as a drawing I am really going to take to finish.

I dunno, I'm feeling a bit lost at the moment. I think I need to sleep on it, have a cup of tea, and massage my hand, then have another go at this.


Lucas1000 said...

Hey, don't fret so much, it's only an exercise! And remember that you are a a great artist. I mean, hell, I've learned a lot of what I know from looking at your pieces.

Kat Guevara said...

Heh, your pieces are better than mine are Lucas!

Thanks for the bolster of confidence though, but I still dunno what the hell I am doing.