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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ending The Year With A Bang....And Starting The New Year Riding The Blast

Chimera (Adam), Taylor (Erin), and Jynx (Me!)
So it's the first blog post of the new year. You might be wondering a few things such as, am I still working on the Star Wars screen, what projects do I have planned, do I have a New Year's Resolution....Why is that man dressed in drag?

I do have a lot of work to do on some past projects that I will continue to work on. I also have grand schemes to pick up my paint brush again and am greatly looking forward to a trip to the Chicago Field Museum on the 14th of the month. In addition to that there are already a few other things I would love to attend, including the Frazetta Tribute show at the Provocateur Gallery in Chicago which will be opening the same weekend as C2E2. 

Other than that all there is to do is grow and expand this dust bunny dream of being a professional illustrator into a grand and mighty empire. Lots of studies, some writing, and more conventions. Huzah!

As for the question you guys are probably frothing at the mouth for me to answer....why is that man dressed in drag? Well, Verne Con was New Year's weekend, one of may small cons hosted by the game group GB7. Our special event night, which was Saturday, called for some role playing among the some of us chose to dress the part. Adam, after much talk in our group chat, decided to dress up as his 'Jedi' character Chimera. There were a lot of laughs, and we'll see if we can't talk him into donning the wig and get up again in time for Gen Con 2011. 

Anyways....a lot of fun was had, a lot of interesting things occurred in game....which may or may not include the adoption of up to 3 children into Jynx's already jurry rigged family. Speaking of which....I did some sketches while at the con inspired by some of the events that transpired. Will post those up soon. 

-Happy New Year

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