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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ponderous Pondering mind has been churning some thoughts around as I take tea and scones with the Royal Court of Dust Bunnies. Thoughts focused less on stately affairs of dealing with the dreaded vacuum-monster and more along the lines of art and the makings of. 

Bobbistock @ DA

Such as some foes of mine, including male anatomy. Yes, one of the banes of my existence as an artist, and one I will have to tackle in my pursuit of becoming a serious illustrator. Thus, I have made it a goal to focus on spending time studying the male species...purely for artistic reasons mind you now...

Eirian-stok @ DA

And children. Children are not something I have ever drawn, as I have come to realize in the recent holding of my friend's baby a few days ago. Their proportions are not the same as an adult's, and I feel that I must look into studying children in my art now as well. I even suspect it may come in useful when I try to tackle gnomes and such...

R3ndybl4ck @ DA

And composition and working in grey tones. Which also means illustrating scenes as opposed to single character vignettes. But using shapes, angles, and other elements to create an interesting composition that ties in all the bits in pieces peaceably. Not to mention that I have been using grey tones a lot more in my work to help push tonality otherwise obscured by color. 

Thoum @ DA

And lighting....because it's one of the main things that makes a  piece. Understanding light and dark, and the way the objects are effected by, or effect light and shadow. 

Lots of stuff to study on, but integral as breathing air. In addition, I've also given thought to structure offered when I was in school. Working on 2 projects in 2 weeks meant that in school I made a total of around 4 pieces a month (give or take). That means a lot of art. Sure I am not in school now but it doesn't mean I should stop working that way.....and it doesn't mean getting back into the say of things that I shouldn't spend more time working on pieces as opposed to getting them done by a certain time. 

So I've made a list of projects I plan to work on this year for exercises as well as for portfolio. And of course I still have a few projects to finish up as it is ( Like the Star Wars screen, the Faithless cover, ect...)

And a return to watercolor media! This Friday I have invited a few people to venture to the Chicago Field Museum with me for a day of drawing and painting (possibly), as well as the chance to meet artist in residence Peggy Macnamara, who will be giving us a private tour of her studio. Check her work at

So, lots of work to be done, and hopefully a  little fun to be had too. Looking forward to Friday!

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