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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thundershock Archer WIP

So I just got back from Origins Game Fair, and have been thinking a bit about my portfolio as it stands, after having gotten some comments on it at the convention. While people commented on how my work has improved from the last time they saw it, talking directly to the AD's as well as some of my buddy artists it clarified that I ought to rethink on what had me interested in art to start with. 

In college being exposed to a lot of artwork and fields spread me out a bit, and while I have some things I enjoy, when I think about those things I realize that perhaps those are only hobbies of mine, even though they are still art. So I plan to refocus my work on what had originally captured my attention to begin with: pieces that could be considered as art for MTG, or novel covers. This doesn't mean I will stop with the art I have been doing, but merely won't be doing as much of it. 

So I started on some sketches of ideas to develop, narrowing in on one I am calling the Thundershock Archer. I'm intending this to fall into the realm of card art, sticking to the formatting, but having some fun with the idea. I'm working with watercolors, on 140lb cold press Fabriano paper (yep, cold press....not my usual hot press).

The above picture is how much painting I got in in just one day, kinda surprising even myself as to how fast I kinda took off. Seeing as it's now time to start making dinner, I thought this would be a nice time to stop for today and take a break. 

One last note: I am still struggling to adapt a scan of my traditional watercolor work over to digital. I find that the saturation and vibrancy, or colors tend to be  off, even with some futzing around. There are some differences in the traditional piece I am still working on in comparison to what is posted above. 

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