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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thundershock Archer WIP II

Greyscale 1
This morning I dropped what I had of the previous night's work into greyscale via Photoshop to take a look at my tonal range and see where I needed to spend time on working today. In addition to this I also looked at my image scaled down at about 700% (the accurate live art of a MTG card) to see if it still held up at a smaller size, which it does. 

Greyscale 2
Once that was done I went into the painting again, making a few quick color choices as in adding in a little pink (what can I say, I love that color!). I've been studying some references I have as I work on this, mainly for handling the lightning. So far it's been the biggest struggle.

After working on this for the day I am calling it time for another break. Yet again I can't believe how quickly this piece seems to be getting done. I dropped it into greyscale to take a look at where it is at the moment, and will probably look at it again in the morning tomorrow before sitting down to work at it again. There are a few issues I would like to address, mainly the darkness around her breast, and above the drapery. I think that it is too distracting and may either  need to be pushed back, or balanced out with a similar treatment at the bottom of the drape.

After day 2 of painting
Above is the piece as it currently stands, in full color. I feel that the adjustments in photoshop are a little closer to how it really looks. I am pretty happy with how it's turning out, though it needs to be addressed in several areas. One other thing that has come to my attention is that I am loosing my whitest, brightest whites. Normally I would use colored pencils, though I am thinking that I would rather use paint. Unfortunately I don't have any, so I am considering using photoshop to handle this. 

Anyways, ttfn!

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