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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hittin The Road

So we head out tomorrow morning to Origins 2010, a game fair in Ohio. I've never been before and am pretty excited about it despite the long drive and a few other wrenches thrown into the gears and cogs of life. Nevertheless I am going....

What to do? Play some games, kick back from school stuff, have some drinks and enjoy the exceptional company of friends (<----yes, exceptional company). A nice way to get over those midterm jitters!

I was looking at their website a little bit today, looking for anything art related in particular as well as looking for some possible places to work in the not so distant future. I was surprised to find that Larry Elmore will be in attendance....a legend in the Fantasy field. And also, Echo Chernick who does amazing Art Nouveau pieces (I saw her name and think I almost had a heart attack, she is that awesome!). I am  also pretty thrilled to see that they will be holding some open studio sessions at the keeping a pretty open schedule all of a sudden looks a whole lot better than it did.

Ok, I'll be honest that I do have my watercolor block and some paints packed for the trip...I can't leave my art stuff's like leaving your kids at home without a sitter (<----I am told by people who are actual parents that this is false but I beg to differ).

I'll be bringing my camera along for the rare chance that I will use it to snap pictures of places, things, people....stuff in general that I find odd or amusing.'s 5 after 12 here....gotta catch some shut eye.

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