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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Portfolio Class.....You Are STILL The Bane of My Existance

So, things aren't getting any easier.....I would still rather be writing resumes.

Really been feeling the stress of the planets falling into alignment as graduation looms nearer. So much to touch up, edit, design, ect...

And feeling the bite of being stuck between a rock and a hard place: creating the school GIP (<----General Illustration Portfolio), and the one that I want and need to focus on. On top of some other obligations as well, and me wanting to just sit here and let my mind melt away in the summer heat.

The process portfolio is just a pain in the rear and while I understand the school's wants for things I am getting pretty tired of constantly returning to it while the hoard of deadlines doesn't seem to be dwindling.

So for fun I am gonna NOT think about the process portfolio and focus on editing the things to go in my final portfolio and on my website as well. With Gen Con Indy only weeks away and portfolio reviews there I need to work a lot harder than my classmates. My exit interview with the school is the Monday before we leave for Indy and I have a number of things to turn into therm before I leave........then graduation only two weeks after I get back. 

The piece above is one of seven that I did as a line for the Seven Deadly Sins. Originally I had a few ideas for the application of the concepts but they were art directed the hell out of and got lost in a pile of mush. The one above is Sloth, and is the very first one that I did of the series and is one of my favorites. 

My concepts kinda spring boarded out of my sketchbook. The began as some pin ups of nothing in particular, then some conversations started up in class and somehow I was wondering what Death's girlfriends or possibly sisters would look like. From there I thought it would be cool to do the series for perfume or some such......possibly even just dolls. Each one would come in a coffin box with the art featured on the top or possibly even on the inside as a sticker you can take out and.......well, stick!

But things got nipped in the arse so they became merely pin ups. It was still a fun project to do, and the above is merely one! I plan to take on the seven virtues next. 

Well.....back to the portfolio ={

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