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Monday, June 28, 2010

Origins 2010

So, got back from Columbus, Ohio last night. The convention was great, despite being held up in the registration line by a very annoying gamer who wouldn't leave me alone. Ugh!

Played some games, hung out in good company with some friends. Made some new ones....

And networked. The main plan for the con was to get information to help me out in the long run as an illustrator. For portfolio class we have to put together a list of 50 contacts in the field(s) we want to get into. I was able to add a few new ones to my list at this con, but also to talk with people there about employment possibilities. 

One such being with Reaper Minis, who after a quick 5 minute talk got me some contact information to their art director for both concept illustrations for character turn arounds as well as illustration work. Not to mention that I was able to get information for a friend of mine who does coloring work for comics, since they were also interested in, something for me and something to help out a friend. 

Secondly was speaking with a very successful artist, Echo Chernik. Her work is awesome! She took a look at some of the things I had including a WIP I was working on while at the con, between games and networking....

She did the new art for Shadowrun (and some of the old art too). Speaking with her was awesome, she was very nice and a total joy and fount of knowledge.

Her husband is an art director and between them both I was able to pick up a lot of information about the industry that I wasn't aware of, tips to help me build a portfolio and present one, and some other things to consider. 

Brian O'Halloran was there as well, who plays Dante Hicks in Clerks. 

He was a real cool guy to talk to and was giving out free hugs. Sometimes it pays to be a fan girl....I told him he was my nerd crush and it wan't in a creepy way so I didn't get thrown out by security. 

Lastly my friend David Moore of The Game Master Show was able to introduce me to Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions, who took a look at my work and had some great things to say. 

All in all things went over pretty well for social networking and it's important with Gen Con Indy just ahead in August. Lots of work to do before then. 

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