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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some Sketches

Got kicked out of the Barnes and Nobel at DePaul on State Street the other day. Been reading like two or three books during breaks between classes and I think they are mad I am not buying the books.

So with nothing to read I've been sketching a bit here and there on the train when the going isn't too bumpy. It's nice to just relax and not worry about what to do with my portfolio, edits to the process portfolio....ect, ect, ect.

For those who have met me in person or....somehow have seen a picture of me let me assure you that no, this sketch is not of myself on the train. Although I have been told she looks like me. 

Just a quick doodle I spent like 5 minutes on before she got off at her stop. Sometimes it's not so easy to draw on the train not because of the turbulence but because of the people. I've had some strange encounters from summer tourists wanting pics for free to a lady getting very upset at me doodling a nekkid pin up girl. 


This one was actually not on the train, but in class during a critique. I drew my friend Ammo who was sitting in a chair in front of me (I like to sit up high on desks and stuff), and was thinking about my Star Wars character Jynx. So it wound up as Jynx sitting in the gun well of a ship as she often does, being bored and with a data pad in her lap. 


These are of a character in a story that me and my friend of The Game Master Show, David Moore, are in the...well, not the middle exactly, but are in the sway of writing. A head turn around doodle (cause it's a sketch) of what her hair would look like. The character is around 27 years old and the face looks too young but it's just a sketch so.....


Some sketches of a piece I plan to revisit sometime soon. I wanted to do a concept of Quetzequatol (<---yes, that is probably spelled wrong). So I started out with some basic sketches of animals that had elements that I really enjoyed. Notice that most of them are not native to the Americas at all?


So I picked my favorites out at this point, combining some elements together of different animal species to create a new one. I liked the hollowness of bird skeletons, the shape of the impala, and the barbed teeth of the constrictor. I also liked some of the patterning of the impala. 


Here I drew out a little bigger head concept on some watercolor paper I had lying around just for fun. I used an Indian yellow and sepia micron pen to lay out the drawing and then colored it in with some watercolors and inks just to get a feel. 

Unfortunately my teacher art directed the final into something that got way off track of my original goal and I wound up hating the piece. But since I still have the early steps I am determined to do it justice the second time around. 

Well....I gotta get back to the ladies, who are waiting to be touched up in Photoshop.

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