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Monday, November 8, 2010

Knights Of The Dragon: WIP Pencils

Ok, so I have round about two weeks to paint this up for a friend. Here's a look at how the Dungeons & Dragons game screen is coming along so far. 

Working on 140lb hot press arches watercolor paper at 11x17inches. Right now I am still laying in some of the pencil work though I am going to leave it looser than I normally do since once I start putting the paint down the pencil lines will disappear. I left room for type at the bottom which is blocked in in pencil at the moment but will be done digitally. 

A look at the right hand panel. I still have quite a few zombies and what not to add in here. Painting in the armor is going to one challenge for me since it's something I tend to stay away from. This piece is chalk full of things that are outside of my comfort zone. 

And the left hand panel. This has actually been harder of the two sides to draw in for me perhaps because of the focus on the guys in armor. I plan to let a lot of the paint do the beefy part of the work for me. So....keeps your fingers crossed cause I'm gonna need all the luck I can get. 

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Lucas1000 said...

Nicely done so far Kat!!! Keep it up!