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Saturday, November 20, 2010

What Did You Think I meant!?! WIP

So, I was going to enter into a Pokemon challenge over at and I even did a sketch and posted one BUT then I saw that there was a pin-up challenge going on as well and....well....pokemon vs won.

Step 1 Pencil

Since the pin-up challenge is due on the 28th of this month and I am working on other projects I decided to recycle and image I already had. Remember the one I did for the t-shirt challenge last month? I took that image and revamped it, doing a light pencil in photoshop. 

Step 2 Ink
When that was done I started to digitally ink the piece in. Let me say here and now that I don't like how inking on the computer turns out for me, but it's something I need to practice on more. Anyways...I did the above piece which reminded me a lot of a coloring book page....a naughty one. 

Step 3 Colors
And then I started to color it, starting with the skin tone and the colors I normally use when I am doodling and black. I use flat colors and a round brush set at a light opacity, as well as one of the watercolor brushes set to a light opacity as well. 


And the finished piece. I started this at....oh...2p.m. today and finished it at 11p.m. A quick turn around piece. It feels good just to get a piece out even if I don't think it's as great as it could be. Sometimes just getting it done is the reward. Anyways...ta da! Nothing else to say about it really....

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Belinda Morris said...

So cheeky and so awesome! Yes I agree it is great just to get something completed no matter the result. It would be great to see a series of comics with her in it.