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Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome To The Land Of Dust Bunnies

Cleaned up the room a bit today since it was getting cluttered. I've been working a lot in the living room of the house but find that there are way too many distractions down there to get any real work done so I am relocating back to the room/ studio.

Can you guess what my favorite color is?
So, this is where some of the magic happens, though I need to get better lighting. This is the main art corner of the room where most of the good stuff happens. Yes, that is a rapier hanging on the wall...

Where I work digitally
It's nice to have a computer station right next to where I do the real painting so that I can just gance back and forth while I work if I am using reference materials. 

Boba keeps me on my toes
I am a HUGE Star Wars nut....I have Boba and Han on opposite sides of the computer and yes....a dragon duckie lurking back there. 

A more traditional desk
My main desk and the easel I only use on rare alignments of the planets. 

Some of the ol' studies
Getting ready to hang some of these up on the wall for reference in the future. I learned a lot from these in their imperfections. 

So....that's about it for now I guess.....back to work.

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