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Monday, May 2, 2011

CGHub Mermaid Challenge: Final

I've finally completed my mermaid concept, though I admit I  might continue to tinker with it. After dropping it into greyscale to take a look at the contrast I had decided that I needed to make it murky and that I didn't like the spear. 

So I looked online at different types of fish spears and after finding one I liked, looked at the possibility at making it appear a bit more organic. I didn't want to use wood and metal, since  it seemed an unnatural element for a sea-creature to use (though the idea of pillaging materials off a ship wreck was pretty intriguing). 

In the end I wound up using the skull of a marlin as the spear, adding a bit of a spike from a narwhal to the center of the 'spear head'. I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out overall. Now to submit it into the challenge!

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JPChapleau said...

Very nice! How long did it take you to do the whole thing?
*completely jealous*

Kat Guevara said...

Actually, I think if I went by hours of actual time it would be just under 20. I didn't work on it all at once, and just built it up from the line drawing without really putting too much thought into what I was doing.

But it's kinda how I work, I notice, to get better results. I need to work fast before I lose my focus.

Arms said...

hi ~ wandered in CGHUB your blog ~

Very type of conceptual design, looking forward to the development of follow-up