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Friday, May 13, 2011

Elgin Historical Soceity: Charity Chair WIP Painting I

I've finally gotten around to posting a quickie here on my chair. After spray painting the  base with an off white color I brought the pieces into the porch where I've set up a make shift work area by which I am painting in my chair. 

Looking at my original sketch I went ahead and roughed in a pencil of my pin-up right onto the surface. I've also done the same thing for the other parts of the chair, deciding to use a template copy only for the arms (since there are 2 and they are the same). 

With that done I started to lay the paint onto the chair, mixing up my colors on some wax paper with a plastic pallet knife. I am using acrylics, a bit watered down like washes. One thing I have to admit is that I find it very hard to work with acrylic paints, especially on the surface of the chair. Blending is becoming a bit of a problem for me, which is one reason I have watered down the paints so that I can apply them a bit more like watercolors. 

The weather has been kinda weird this last week that I have been working on my chair, going from hot and humid to pouring rain, to kinda cold. I have had to keep an eye on my paint mixes so they don't dry out as I am working, and also check to see how dry the applied paint is so that I don't displace or work it off the wood. (I had this same problem when I was working on a project with watercolor laid down on acrylic). Above is only a part of the work space, and only the back of the chair. You can see the lap top open so that I can see my original sketch along with some of the reference pictures that I am using. Along with that are my paints, pallet, water cup (filthy) and some straight edged triangles and French curves.

I've still got a long way to go on this chair, and only have till the end of the month to do it in! Stay tuned for more process of my chair. 

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George said...

Very impressed with your work so far
Can't wait to actually see it