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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ponderous Pondering II: Space Elephants

I've been musing over my cup of almost too cold to taste good coffee about the possibility of Space Elephants. What would a Space Elephant look like? Would it eat little mutant space plankton? Would it wear a space suit? Would it  be sad cause it was the only one of it's kind (and possibly a distant cousin to the infamous pink elephant!?!).

Here is a doodlie I did of Hernan Monster, a Space Elephant. He gets around by wiggling his doofus looking ears to fly (cause in space he doesn't weigh much) and he looks for space plankton with his one eye in a special helmet designed to magnify things (cause space plankton are small and kinda invisible looking too).

If anyone wants to color this in or make their own Space Elephant feel free too and if you want to send me your Space Elephant I will post it on my blog.


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