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Monday, July 26, 2010

And Now, A Word From The Peanut Gallery....

Hello! This is Jynx, a figment of Kat's imagination. She's finally letting me have a word on her blog and it's about time! I do all the gritty work for her after all!

I started out as a fictional character in an ongoing Star Wars D6 campaign as a special forces operative for the Rebellion. Since then I've worked my way up to Lt. Colonel.....I am guessing it's for my ability to patch up people after blowing them into pieces. Well, what did you think!?! I'm a demolitions engineer extraodinaire! (Ask around, it's true!)

In addition to all my duties to the Rebellion I help Kat out by acting as her muse, inner voice, and that annoying voice in the back of her head that tells her it is late and she ought to get some sleep! I am her ambassador at the game table, letting her get into my shoes in order to better experience life in the Star Wars universe. Taking that one step further........she also likes to torture me by making me act, do, and wear odds and ends in the weirdest places when she is struggling though a project. 

But it's all good cause in the end we need one another. Without her I wouldn't least, I don't think I would. And without me...well, without me she'd have no way to  blow off any steam when she got frustrated and had to work through a project (now the pun is intended). 

Right now she's sleeping tight with her face in her paint palette and a lung full of knock out mean....

Well, it's been a real slice, but I gotta go. Besides, I think she's coming to!

Anyways, remember any of the awesomeness you see come of Kat has me to thank too...

'Behind every good artists is a grenade wielding poster child'-Jynx

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