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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Villainous Me!

So, I mentioned before that I met Fred Hicks or Hero Games at Origins a few weeks ago. After looking at some of my work I got my first freelance commission! WOOT!!!

Currently I am working on 6 villain designs for their Villains game book....and they are all of ladies!!!

This couldn't have been any more up my alley and I know I am lucky to land this as my first career job even if it's only freelance! I am so excited and already have a million sketches done in just a few short hours after getting the  specs in. Tomorrow I will clean up the pencils on all six hopefully so that on Monday I will be able to scan them in and send them off for approval before moving onto the finished pieces.

So excited! Post my work as soon as I get the ok to do so which probably won't be until after they are published but that's no worry!

Welp, back to the sketchbook to clean up these ladies!

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Lucas1000 said...

Congratulations Kat!!! We need to meet up sometime soon so we can catch up (and maybe so I can sneak a peak at some of your sketches, lol)