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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Self Portrait: Update

So Tom looked at the pictures Liz and I took of ourselves in class today and gave us the go ahead. Unfortunately we wasted an hour of class time where we could have been working to print out stuff and buy supplies. Seems that I've gone through two and a half watercolor blocks already in class.....that's an insane amount of paining!!!

So, about thirty minutes to print out some photos, ten minutes shopping for watercolor paper and tracing paper (well, it should have been 10 minutes but the clerk behind the counter kept talking).

When I was finally able to get back up to class it took me about ten minutes to trim the paper to size and tape it to the board.

Ok, I will be honest with a big gripe I have. Tom's class has been working on this project for a  little over two weeks now. There are some amazing things being done, but it seems there are only two students in his class who have actually done any real work and are almost done. I am baffled a bit by how slow some of those kids work!

Liz and I started today, and the project is due on Monday the 13th. That gives Liz and me today, tomorrow, and Thursday to work since there is no classes on Fridays (it's a Summer thing) and because I can't see either of us brining home our pieces unless we feel the absolute need to do it. 

So, up above I was working from a picture I had taken of me. The first stage was laid in in pencil (<---ugh, I know), and rendered in ball point pen. Unfortunately this was the very end of class, so I only spent about 20 minutes on this part if that much. 

So during lunch I went ahead and laid in a very simple wash. I normally work on hot press watercolor paper, but given that this is supposed to be a collage I wasn't confidant that 140lb hot press would hold up to the barrage of things I would throw in this piece, so I am working on 140lb cold press (gasp!). 

Colors used are yellow ocher, permanent rose (<---pink, you can't live w/o it), and burnt sienna. This is just a real quick wash to get me into the piece. 

Lunch came and went, leaving me some time to add some paint and also to cut out some old journal pages that I had scanned in and printed out. I actually traced around my portrait with tracing paper and used it to cut the inside edges of the paper so that they appear behind my head. After that I used clear acrylic media with water to form a type of glue, and stuck a bunch of torn up tracing paper to it. Then I hit it with paint and let it drip down. 

Lastly, I began to add in some tone and do some starter detail work that may not be as apparent in the scan as it is in real life at this point. I also realized I had made my forehead a little too large so I will be working to lower my hairline (because I don't suffer from premature hair loss, I just shed a lot).

Unfortunately Liz and I had to drop our projects for the much dreaded portfolio class, but we are eager to take up our brushes again tomorrow. I am looking forward to adding in my jellyfish!!!

So, still a ways to go, but I think we can get it done by Thursday. How's that for a quick turn around as a 'fine artist'!?! (<---Illustrators kick butt!!!)

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