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Friday, July 9, 2010

Character Profiles

I have to say that watercolor figure painting has some good play in the rest of my work, even if I still don't get real wild with my paint. We were doing some head studies of skulls and plaster casts, and doing studies like that helps me to understand certain features better. Like how light effects thins, is  bounced around, and about the structure of things. 

I think this is an important tool for all artists, not just illustrators and concept artists. After all, things have got to look right. 

Anyways, I did a quick head study of an alien I made up for a game scenario in the Star Wars game group I belong to (<----yes, I am a nerd). 

She's based off of a race called a Theelin in the Star Wars universe, an alien that was in the movies. Rystall Sant (the character's name) is in Jabba's palace as a singer, and also shows up in Attack of The Clones as the diva at the opera house and again earlier in the movie as an ad on the holonet when Zam is taking a sniper shot at Obi Wan. 

Wow, that iw really nerdy.......heh.

Anyways, it's a cool looking alien species that is half human and fun to do. I did this in watercolor and ballpoint pen in my moleskine watercolor sketchbook just as a doodle, but I was surprised to see that a lot of the study I did in class shows through in this piece. 

The way that some of the features turned out, and how I blocked certain areas out for shadows followed the same patterns as I used in class. For a study it came out nice, I think eventually I will do a full figure in a scene somewhere.....some sort of a harem perhaps. 

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