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Friday, July 2, 2010

Breaking Bounds: A Self Portrait

My watercolor instructor assigned a self portrait piece to the 202's.....and since Lizzie and I are the only 301's (<----at least I think we are 301's), he wants us to do the same project.

I suppose it's kinda cool. We have to utilize watercolor with at the very least also adding in scan/ photo copies and at least one other media. And he want's it to be straight on with kinda a blank face...something about an empty vessel.

Currently I was reading that artist Iain McCaig while doing concepts of Padme Amidala, first drew imagesof Natalie Portman with a blank face. Looking at his things I found this hard to believe at first, until he went on to mention that by adding in things around her was he able to elude to emotion and atmosphere. I think this is quite interesting and would be a challenge to tackle while doing my own portrait.

I have a few ideas in mind of what I want to include, but I am not doing any real preliminary work for this, at least I don't plan to. Taking some advice from Pablo Picasso 'You have to have an idea of what you are going to do, but it should be a vague idea'.

I do know for sure that I want to include some journal pages, possibly some poetry I have written in regards to my love hate relationship to my art, and jelly fish. I know, it sounds weird.......and pretty vague. How do these things fit together? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

I am a little worried about deadlines....we haven't been given one. And because Liz and I don't really hang out in Tom's actual classroom while we work (no, us cool kids have claimed a room of our own where we alone rule), neither of us really know how long the 202's have been working on their projects. I am guessing a week.......though some of them work really slow, so it's hard to say exactly. And we may have a model scheduled the week after next, so............

Anyways....pretty vague, pretty vague......

Ok, so I couldn't help but do a quick 'study' of what I have in mind (did I mention earlier that I didn't plan to do preliminaries..?)

So this is the picture of....myself...that I plan to use as the basis for my piece......well, unless my teacher tells me to take another pic....(I like the dirty mirror....can you tell I hate cleaning?)


Here's a quick scribbly of what I kinda have in mind. The image is 11x20 inches vertical.....I'm actually thinking that the pages will be a mix of copied journal pages and sketches that I will then moosh, stain, ect....then add into the piece for some flavor. 


And a real simple color study. The colors will be in watercolor.......maybe over a clear acrylic surface, or maybe straight on everything. I dunno (<----trying to stay vague). I want some drips and blooms in there for some added flavor for sure....

Ok.......I promise to leave this alone.......I promise. 


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