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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Self Portrait Final

So it's Thursday, and I wasn't planning on bringing home this piece to work on so I busted my ass to get it done in class today. Yesterday I added text copy and the jelly fish to the image with clear acrylic media (Golden soft gloss media) mixed with water. It acts as both a glue and a sealant. 

I also started to go in in some choice areas with colored pencils since the media take a while to dry. 

After the media dried over night I was able to go in with my watercolors. I put colors down in a butcher's tray so that I could access more paint. Again, this took a while to dry so I went into my face once again with colored pencils and watercolor. My figure is the only thing not treated with a coat of the clear media, providing a totally different texture and way of working the material. 

I went in and detailed some areas here though camera phone doesn't let me get into the detail. At this pint I was pretty happy with the piece. I added some opaque watercolor flicks with a brush and at the same time also pulled color off of the media. 

A close up of my face. I really like the way this turned out and it was neat to putz around with new things while still retaining a lot of the watercolor methods. While this is collage this is still at least 50% watercolor. 

All in all the media used is watercolor, colored pencils, clear acrylic, scans and printed copy, and water lifts. 

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